Congratulations to the 2018 Next Generation list:

Abi Philp Loos For Dos

Allannah Jackson Street Feast

Daniel Andrew The Be-Known Agency

Joe Baran Beyond 90

Joshua Mosley Live events at networks 3D Ltd

Ash Cook The MJR Group

Harry Samuel LiveStyled

Danny Love AEG Presents I Senior Ticketing Manager

Dale Bowers Bar Nation

Ryan Hilson Collective Festivals

Simon Skelt Kilimanjaro Live

Jan Bogdanowicz Voytek

Sarah Liu Kit and Caboodle

Myles Wynne-Pedder ForceFX

Tommy Verdum Kappa Futur Festival and Movement Torino Festival

Stephanie Nicola-Miller Printworks

Eoin Smyth Head Promoter of Game Over Promotion

Mehram Sumray-Roots YADA Event Technology

Oscar Thornton AEG Presents

Shahail Woodcock National Theatre

Nilly Alan Jukebox PR

Ashley Walker Ash Walker

Mario Husha Shocklogic

Paul Bird Hawthorn

Luke Jackson PRG

Ash Cook The MJR Group

Dan Jeal Dax BD

Leon Dickens PRG

Andrew Bruce Quantum Creative

Stuart Webb Fisher Productions

Gabbie Savell-Stewart Fisher Productions